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How to start a business

To start a business is like, starting to cook a special dish. Before cooking, you must be clear of what you are going to cook, how to cook and ingredients you need. Same way for a business, to start it, you must first think of what business you are going to start, how to start and what do you need to start and run the business.

Here below I am going to share a needed check list , which you can follow to start a business.

Check list :

  1. Make sure what business you are going to start.
  2. Research about that business a lot before you start a business
    • Research on internet
    • on off-line by visiting some of that same business
  3. Try to collect practical experience from the people involved in that same business
  4. Understand your target audience
    • Their mind-set in your business area
    • Financial condition of your future customers
    • What is their need, problem or desire, and can your business meet that.
  5. Be clear about your value proposition. (Unique value that you are going to provide)
  6. Take help of the on-line platform to advertise your business
    • Optimize your website for ranking in first page of Google search.
    • Run Google ads campaign to reach to more customers in short time
  7. Make a Facebook page for your business
    • Share your business in that page
    • Run Facebook ad campaign to reach to more people
  8. Use others all available on-line platforms for marking digitally
    • Content marketing through a blog in your website
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Quara
    • LinkedIn
    • Email marketing
  9. Take help of the Off-line or Traditional way of advertising
    • Give advertise on news paper
    • Distribute Business card
    • Create pamphlets
    • Calling manually or cold calls
  10. Measure the performance of the business
    • Find out which marketing strategy is working more effectively
    • Focus more on effective strategy by investing more time and money on them
    • Find out the less effective advertising strategies
    • Reduce the time and money investment on the less effective advertising strategies

Conclution :

Remember, running the business is more critical than to start a business, so prepare well.  In all these check lists, the most important part is Research. So, never ignore this or hurry in research. Spend more time on research ,it will really save you from a terrible bad time of losing the business. Be honest in your business, try to help people more than having only profit. Be consistent to follow all the check list and try using more of better technologies in your business.  Success will probably knock your door and enter at your business soon.

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